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The Mentoring Project is an all-inclusive voluntary program that creates an opportunity for our past and present United States Coast Guard workforce (Active Duty, Reserve, Enlisted, Officers, Civilian, Auxiliary, Retirees) and our affiliated affinity groups to connect to one another in the form of a structured mentoring relationship. 

Mentee Benefits

Connection to experienced professionals. Structured time to self-reflect and ask the important questions to help you move forward in your career and personal life. A time and place to enhance  awareness of your values. An avenue for accountability of your goals. 

Mentor Benefits

Renews career enthusiasm. Provides a greater understanding of the barriers experienced at different levels.  Enhances your skills in coaching, counseling, listening, and modeling. An excellent opportunity to give back.

Community Benefits

By creating a community for your unit, your Chiefs Mess, or your affinity group, you can create a community of connected mentors within your cause. Mentoring is proven to improve work place climate, inclusion, morale, and professionalism.  

Mentoring Project 2017 Participant Feedback

Interested in Getting Started?

The Mentoring Project mentor/mentee database is managed through Member Planet. Please submit your request to participate in the program by choosing which role you prefer. You will be redirected to Member Planet to complete your request to participate. Once you are approved you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

Our 2020/21 Communities

Community Addition Deadline August 30th

Coast Guard Headquarters

Community Coordinator:
Ms. Alyssa Lombardi

Coast Guard Academy

Community Coordinator:
DCCS Donny Bechtler

Coast Guard Training Center Cape May

Community Coordinator:
OSC Fred Clay

Training Center Petaluma

Community Coordinator: 
SKC Jolena Kinsman

Base Kodiak

Community Coordinator:
AETC Larry Watkins

Base Elizabeth City

Community Coordinator: 
HS1 Lamar DeMarcus

Base Portsmouth 

Community Coordinator:
ETCS Jack Setzer

Base San Juan

Community Coordinator:
SK2 Sasha Rodriguez

Sector Maryland NCR 

Community Coordinator
CWO Kelly Merchen

Information System Technician (IT)

Community Coordinator: 
ITCM Leif Oksendahl

Marine Science Technician (MST)

Community Coordinator:
MSTCM Michael Brewer

Operational Specialist (OS)

Community Coordinators: 
OSCM Jeremy Weaver
OSC Chris Florsher

Chief Petty Officer's Association and Enlisted Association (CPOA & CGEA)

Community Coordinator:
Randy Reid (Ret)

College Student
Pre-Commissioning Initiative 

Community Coordinator:
LT Christina Melancon

South East Florida

Community Coordinator:
LT Iia Carter

Sector Long Island Sound

Community Coordinator:
BMC Christopher Connolly

Greater Charleston

Community Coordinator:
LT Brian Drake

Naval Engineering

Community Coordinator:
LCDR Amanda DiPietro


Community Coordinator:
LCDR Gabriella Deza
LTJG Faith Neff

Veteran Mentors

Community Coordinator:
CDR Dan Somma (Ret)


Community Coordinator:
CAPT Holly Harrison

CG Reserve

Community Coordinators:
LT Tracy Norman
YNC Melanie Byrd

Reserve Force Readiness System (RFRS)

Community Coordinator:
LT Brandon Garofalo

CG Intelligence

Community Coordinators:
LT Morgan Rhodes
LT Lillian Simon


Community Coordinator:
LCDR David McCarthy

Direct Commission Officer (DCO) Mentors

    Community Coordinator:     
LT Joshua Dodson

Prevention Ashore

Community Coordinator:
LCDR Eugene Chung

Officer in Charge

Community Coordinator: 
BMC Nicholas McGowen

Boatswain's Mate (BM)

Community Coordinator: BMC Nicholas McGowen

2020/21 Time Line

August 2020

Community Intake

During this time you can add your community to The Mentoring Project.
A community is required to bring in 20 mentees and 20 mentors.

24 October 2020

Bios Due

Mentee and Mentor bios are due. Late entries will not be accepted.

06 November 2020

Mentor Data Base Released to Mentees 

Mentees who submit their bio by October 24th will be sent the Mentor Data Base along with a Mentor Dream Sheet. 

20 November 2020

Dream Sheets Due

Mentee will pick their top five mentors, late submissions will not be accepted.

18 December 2020

Mentor and Mentee Paired

Mentee will be notified via e-mail from Member Planet of who their mentor is, mentor will be notified as well.

January 2021- June 2021

Mentoring Relationship Commences

The six month mentoring relationship begins in January and wraps up in June 2021. 

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Washington, DC, 20032, US

The Mentoring Project website and data base is hosted by: National Chief Petty Officers Association.

for more information on the CPOA please visit 

The Mentoring Project