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EPIC's Remote Mentorship Assistance Program (ReMap)

Solving the need for Delayed Entry Enlistee connection to our service. 

ReMap Mission
To assist the U.S Coast Guard in increasing diversity and modeling inclusion in our service. In an effort to better replicate the population of the country we serve.  Providing early mentoring to our delayed entry enlistees accompanied with a strong sense of community.  Assisting our national recruiting offices with under-represented minority and women recruitment by assigning dedicated and skillful mentors. 

EPIC's ReMap Goals

1. Increasing recruitment, retention and mentorship of females and underrepresented minorities in Delayed Entry Program.

2. Creating a fully integrated mentorship program that creates an inclusive community by providing early connection to professionals in our service.

3. Ensuring ALL Delayed Entry enlistees have a positive experience in their recruiting process.

We created EPIC because many minorities we knew within our service needed mentoring and connection to avoid negative experiences within their career. We decided to create a network where those experiences could be transformed into positive teaching tools for our next generation.

I helped create EPIC with a focus on building healthy networking relationships, that fostered inclusion and retention. By achieving this mission the Coast Guard keeps the brightest and best in our service.

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How can your recruiting office help connect our future leaders to a diverse forward thinking United States Coast Guard? Sign up your Recruiting Office for ReMap. 

If your Recruiting Office is interested in participating in ReMap please reach out to SKC Christina Redmon. Once you are registered you may begin signing your DEP applicants up as mentees. 

Delayed Entry Enlistees Sign Up to be a Mentee Here

What is the Delayed Entry Program?

When an applicant chooses to enlist on active duty, they enter a Delayed Entry Program (DEP) at least 14 days before their ship date to basic training. While in DEP recruiting offices conduct care taking where they prepare the applicant mentally, physically, and culturally for their service in the Coast Guard. EPICs goal is to ensure Coast Guard DEP enlistees are connected to a community of experienced professionals to assist with their transition in to the Coast Guard. By creating a sense of inclusion and community for our DEP enlistees we are better preparing them for successful integration into their new career.


Want to Join our Team?

We need advocates and Recruiting Offices to help get the word out. Do you enjoy writing? We need blog writers on the subjects of diversity, mentorship, and retention. If you are interested in submitting a blog post please reach out to SKC Christina Redmon. We are also looking for new admin team members to assist with ReMap.

Meet our Current team Members

ET2 Shango Indomitus 

EPIC Co-Founder and ReMAP Director 

SK1 Amad Hankins

EPIC Co- Founder and ReMAP Administration Team Coordinator

SKC Christina Redmon


HS2 DeMarcus Lamar


EMC Adron Diggs

Mentor Vetting Team

HS2 Sarah Hale

Mentor Vetting Team

SKC Sergio Cosby

Administration Team

SK2 Nicole Cancellare

Administration Team 

SK3 Ashley Whitlow

Administration Team  

Remote Mentorship Assistance Program Blog

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